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HuzhouUniversity is a comprehensive fulltime undergraduate university, and has a long history. It began by offering higher education in 1958, and became a university for undergraduate students in 1999. In November 2005, the university passed the Assessment of Undergraduate Education by Ministry of the State with excellent scores.

The University is located amidst Huzhou’s beautiful scenery, and major metropolises nearby are easily accessible. It has three campuses. It occupies 111 acres of land, and a green space covering 220,00 square meters. The campus is pleasant and beautiful all year around.

The University is currently organized into fifteen schools and one IndependentSchool. The IndependentSchool, QiuzhenSchool is a fulltime school within the University. The schools currently offer 52 bachelor degree programs and associate degree programs covering eleven disciplines including literature, science, engineering, education and economics.

The University currently has over 18,000 fulltime students in attendance, with more than 4,000 students enrolled in continuing education. At present it has more than 1200 faculty members, including over 720 full-time instructors, 113 professors and over 238 associate professors.

In addition to attracting talented, highly qualified educators, the University has 450,000 square meters of teaching and dormitory buildings and has invested more than 150 million RMB on educational facilities and equipment. The newly expanded library, for example, now covers an area of 30,000 square meters and contains more than 170 million books and over 2000 domestic and foreign periodicals.

The University hopes to contribute on a national level with developments in technology and education, as well as on a local level, by bolstering the economy and fostering social development.

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