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计算机科学与技术Computer Science and Technology

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一.培养目标 Training Objectives


      According to the requirement of “Deepening foundation, Widening caliber, Improving quality, Extending capability”, by adopting a talent training mode of broad major, subdivided direction, modularization and tutorial system, this major aims to cultivate high-quality and practical talents who are equipped with good political mentality, moral and psychological quality, master knowledge in natural science and mathematics related to information technology, master the basic theory, basic skills and methods of computer science and technology systematically, can use IT technology to solve practical problems skillfully, and possess ability of project analysis and management, and have a spirit of innovation. It also cultivates talents who are able to engage in computer science and technology research, design and development of computer application system, have high competitiveness and advanced engineering technology, and management talents related to computer science and technology.

二.基本规格Basic Specifications


        Students are required to master the basic theory and basic skills of this major systematically, understand development trends of related subjects, get preliminary research training, have certain cultural and scientific quality and develop good psychological quality and scientific mode of thinking. They are also required to master a foreign language, develop a certain ability in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating and be able to read foreign books and periodicals of this major proficiently.

三.学制与学位 Length of Schooling and Degree

      1. 学制与修业年限Length of schooling & Study duration


      The standard length of schooling is four years. Study duration can be 3-6 years.

       2. 最低毕业学分和授予的学位

      Minimum Credits for Graduation and the Degree Awarded


       The minimum credits required for graduation is 160 credits; Bachelor's Degree in Science will be awarded.

 四.主干学科和主要课程Main Subjects and Main Courses


        Main subject: Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology


        Core courses: Program Design, Database Principles, Data Structures, Computer Networks, Computer Components, Operating Systems, Engineering Software, Discrete Mathematics


        Degree courses: College English 1-2, Data Structures, Database Principles, Computer Networks, Operating Systems.