A reminder of recent important events


  All international students in China

  According to the latest prevention and control policies and the work arrangement of recent important events, the campus management and other precautions of international students in the next period are notified as follows:

   Regulations on the management of international students' entering and exiting the school:

   1、Advocate not going out of school or the main urban area (Wuxing district and South Taihu New Area) if not necessary.

   2、Implement the limited time out of school system, students entering and leaving the school must scan QR code for registration, the leaving should last less than 3 hours;

   3、If you need to leave the main urban area (Wuxing District and South Taihu New Area), you have to take the leave procedures in your major colleges, before returning to school, you need to ask agreements form major college and cancel the leave procedures after returning to school;

   4、If your leaving will exceed 3 hours with the necessary reasons, you should report to the college in advance before your leaving, meanwhile your returning should be agreed by your major college before entering school. If you repeatedly fail to report in advance, you will be punished according to the violation of relevant management regulations.

   Other matters needing attention:

   1、Pay attention to electricity safety, fire safety, aware of online fraud. Anti-fraud hotline is 2250000;

   2、Strictly abide by Chinese laws and school rules and regulations. Gatherings for illegal religious activities and taking and selling drugs are strictly prohibited;

   3、Keep the room clean, ventilated, wear a mask when going out; exercise more, and stay happy.

   4、For special circumstances, please contact the major college counselor or the International College promptly.