International students took the nucleic acid tests


    Current, Covid-19 epidemic situation is changeable and complex, in order to do a good job in the Huzhou University epidemic prevention and control work and effectively protect the life safety and physical health of all teachers and students, the school carried out nucleic acid tests on March 13. After receiving the notice, all international students responded positively and cooperated with the test actively. 

    Under the organization of International College, all international students arrive at the sampling site orderly, register and wait, collect samples, and leave in an orderly manner. The whole process was smooth and orderly.

    After a tense, busy and orderly process, all the international students( A total of 101 people) in the school have successfully completed the nucleic acid tests, and the results were all negative.

    The nucleic acid test of COVID-19 is an important measure to implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control work. Huzhou University will continue to do a solid job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, pay close attention to changes in the epidemic, implement detailed prevention and control measures for international students, and fully protect the life, health and safety of all.