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Notice on Strengthening Gate Control and Travel Approval for Teachers and Students

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2022/03/21 14:33:38 人气:13

All departments and colleges:

     Currently, the epidemic situation in China and our province is very serious, and campus epidemic prevention risks are huge. In order to firmly guard the campus epidemic prevention gate, guard the campus epidemic defense line, and ensure campus safety, we further strengthen the gate control and the requirements for teachers and students to go out as follows:

     1、Strengthen school gate control strictly. From now on, the school gates of west campus and middle campus on Xueshi Road will be only used as a direct passage between the two campuses, and it is forbidden to enter or leave the campus through the two gates.

     2、Strictly strengthen the management of teachers and students' travel. Recently, all personnel should reduce gathering and movement, reduce the frequency to go to crowed laces, and avoid taking public transportation. Teachers and staff cannot leave the city if unnecessary, and the approval for leaving Zhejiang Province should be strictly tightened. Students cannot leave school if unnecessary, students need report to college before leaving, the approval for leaving the main urban area of Huzhou city need to be strictly examined tightened. Strictly implement the grid management of students, strengthen the daily health monitoring, and do a good job of personnel out information ledger.

     3、Strictly  tighten the approval for off-campus personnel entering campus. Non-campus personnel  shall do not enter the school unless necessary, and those who really need to enter the school should be strictly examined and approved.All departments and colleges doing the examination and approval shall fulfill the main responsibility of prevention and control earnestly, strictly review the conditions of entering the school, and implement various control measures in the school.

     4、All departments and colleges must inform teachers, students and staff to tighten the strings of campus epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the requirements of school epidemic prevention and control work, strictly fulfill personal responsibility for prevention and control, actively cooperate with the school, the streets (communities) to do a good job of prevention and control, and timely report to their units in case of emergencies and implement corresponding control measures.

Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group Huzhou University

March 18th, 2022