Notification to all international students on winter vacation


To all international students: Affected by the spread of Covi-19, many countries in the world are suffering from a new round of epidemic attacks. In China, since November, many local outbreaks have been triggered by imported cases, and the number of local cases has increased sharply. According to the needs and requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the health and safety of our international students and spend a safe and happy winter vacation, the school hereby informs the regulations during the winter vacation as follows:

1.The winter vacation time of this year is from January 17 to February 19, 2022. The registration date for next semester will be February 20 (Sunday), the classes of next semester will start on February 21 (Monday). During the winter vacation, the campus will continue to implement closed management. Please strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations and relevant measures of the school and the area where you live. Overseas students will not return to school temporarily.

2.During the winter vacation, all international students in China shall take the initiative to complete the daily health report before 16:00 p.m. every day. In case of concealment, omission, bad attitude and refusal to cooperate with the school's epidemic prevention work, corresponding sanctions shall be given according to the seriousness of the case.

3.During the winter vacation, international students living on campus shall not leave the school unless necessary. Entering and leaving the school must strictly implement the admission qualification examination, doing temperature measurement, scanning the code (campus pass code) and wearing masks.

4.During the winter vacation, students in Huzhou shall not leave Huzhou unless necessary. If anyone do need to leave Huzhou, application should be submitted to your college and can only leave after getting the approval. Once left, returning to school during winter vacation is not allowed. Please wait the notice from school on new semester restarting and can only return after the completion of epidemic prevention related procedures

5.During the winter vacation, students out of Huzhou are not allowed to return to the school without permission. If anyone do need to return to the school for special reasons (such as visa extension procedures), you need to submit the 14-day tracking code, health code and nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours to the college one day in advance, and can return to the school only with permission.

6.All students living on campus shall not accommodate off-campus personnel in the apartment (including our students living outside). Everyone must scan his/her face when entering and leaving the apartment building and shall not follow others. If anyone takes in off-campus personnel to live in the apartment, or fails to use the face scanning system for a continuous week and fails to stay in the apartment, corresponding punishment will be given as scholarship deduction and visa canceling according to the provisions on epidemic prevention and control.

7.The opening hours of the apartment building are 6:00-23:00. All students living on campus are requested to return to the apartment on time. If anyone returns late for more than 3 times or do not return at night for 1 time without reason, they will be given a warning and the above punishment according to the International Students Handbook.

8.Do well of personal protection, pay attention to hygiene, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, wear masks, do not gather, use public chopsticks, and do a good job in social protection; In case of any physical abnormality, please seek medical treatment in time and contact your tutor and counselor in college.

9.Disciplinary reminder: Please abide by Chinese laws and regulations, epidemic prevention management regulations, and school discipline and school rules. If the following situations occur (not limited to the following), the school will give warnings, serious warnings, demerits, and even expulsion, depending on the severity of the circumstances:

Without approval, going out of the city, out of the province, and entering or exiting the campus in violation of regulations;

Failure to report the daily report

Failure to observe fire safety, causing fire accidents;

Failure to observe traffic safety, causing traffic accidents;

Failure to comply with off-campus housing management regulations, causing disturbance to residents, etc.

Experiment with pornography, gambling, drugs, etc.

Wish you a happy winter vacation and a happy year of the tiger!