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Notice on Further Strengthen Epidemic Prevention and Control

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2021/12/26 19:13:55 人气:14

At present, local epidemic outbreaks have occurred in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and other places in our province, and the prevention and control situation is extremely severe and complex. In order to further improve the epidemic prevention and control work in our campus, the requirements for epidemic prevention and control are announced as follows:

Those who have recently returned to school from outside the city, if passing through the outbreak area, please report to the school immediately and take nucleic acid test at the nearest nucleic acid testing site as soon as possible to protect ourselves. If you find your health code is red or yellow, you should report it to the school immediately and check it in time.

All teachers and students should go out less in the near future. Don’t go far away if not necessary. When you go out you have to pay attention to personal protection and try not to go some crowded places to protect your personal heath.

For teachers and students who have not completed the whole vaccination or who are eligible for enhanced immunization, please take the initiative to receive novel corona virus vaccine at the nearest place as soon as possible to form a more reliable immune barrier.

Wear a mask when going out in daily life, and back to dormitory with regular ventilation. Wash hands frequently to ensure personal health and safety.

Submit daily health reports on time and complete health checks before 12:30.

Actively respond to the epidemic prevention and control policies, and take good personal protection which is not only responsible for yourself but also for others. Fight against the epidemic through collective prevention and control.