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Notice on epidemic prevention and control preparations in the near future

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2021/12/26 19:07:12 人气:14

Recently, the epidemic situation in China has shown a trend of local outbreaks in many places. In addition, with the coming of winter, the epidemic has also ushered in a high-incidence season, so more attention should be paid to the prevention of the epidemic situation and related diseases.

Meanwhile, a new variant of the novel corona virus called omicron founded in several countries in Africa is spreading, many cases also confirmed in western countries. It is unclear whether the omicron variant is more transmissible, pathogenic and immune escape, preliminary results are expected in the coming weeks.

But what is known so far is that all variants can cause severe illnesses, so the key is preventing the spread of the virus, protecting ourselves well and getting vaccinated against COVID-19 remains effective in reducing infections.

Therefore, for the health of teachers and students and the positive response to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, please reduce outside activities and do as follows in your daily life: 

Wearing masks is still an effective way to block the spread of the virus, and it is also applicable to the omicron variant. Wearing a mask in indoor public places and on public transport is also necessary even if full vaccination and booster needles have been completed. What’s more, you need to wash your hands and open the windows for indoor ventilation . 

Positively respond to epidemic prevention and control policies of the university, and cooperate with relevant work. Add enough clothes in time to prevent cold illness, and do a good job in personal health monitoring. When there are suspected COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough,short of breath, please monitor  your body temperature in time and immediately see a doctor. 

Reduce unnecessary border entry and exit. In just a few days, many countries and regions have reported the importation of omicron mutants.China also faces the risk of importation of this variant, and currently the global understanding of this variant is still limited. Therefore, travel to high-risk areas should be minimized, and personal protection during traveling should be strengthened to reduce the chance of the infection with omicron mutants.

Those who have not completed COVID-19 vaccination should continue to be vaccinated.

Please take good personal protection and work together to overcome the difficult time.