Proposal of International College to support Huzhou in being a civilized model city


Huzhou city is striving to become a national model city of civilization. As youth representatives, we should actively foster civilized thoughts and correct values, observe social morality and cultivate personal morality, so as to contribute whole heart to the establishment of Huzhou city as a national civilized city. Now we issue the following proposal to all international students:

Strive to be an advocate and be the spokesperson of civilization cultivation. Actively study and publicize the advanced deeds of moral models and good people around them, take the initiative to act, see the good, and worship virtue and be good.

In learning, you can gather piles of sand, and you cannot gather leftovers into mountains in the canteen. You shall work hard in study, and compete with others positively and effectively. Implement “Clean Your Plate” campaign,do better in garbage classification. Form thrift, environmental  protection, green campus.

You can run fast on the playground, but on the road you need to walk slowly and carefully. Obey the traffic rules, wear safe helmet, don’t take others on your vehicle, don’t speed, give precedence to pedestrians out of courtesy.

Do not litter on campus, smoke in public places and teaching areas, spit everywhere, do not damage campus public facilities, be polite and respect teachers.

Do a good job in garbage classification in the dormitory, do not use illegal electrical appliances, unity and friendship, pay attention to dormitory hygiene, do not raise pets in violation of regulations.

Let us together contribute our own strength to the establishment of Huzhou national civilization model city.