"Cherish life and refuse drugs" Anti-drug Lecture


At 2 P.M. on November 3, 2021, the police officer of anti-drug brigade of Wuxing District Public Security Bureau gave a lecture on anti-drug knowledge of "Cherish life and refuse drugs" to international students in our school at 32-501.

The police officer introduced from five aspects in this lecture, the situation of drug abuse in China in 2020, understanding drugs, understanding the harm of drugs, China's anti-drug laws and regulations, and the preventive measureswhen teenagers encounter drug-related incidents.Our international students have been introduced in detail about in recent yearsChina's firm attitude to severely crack down on drug use, the various kinds ofdrugs with theirspecific harms, the legal provisions of China's drug control and the correct treatment methods in the case of drug-related incidents, etc.

In the process of telling the harm of drugs, the police officer introduced the harm of drugs to individuals, families and even society with real cases.So that it can deepen the international students on drug preventionand improve their awareness of drug control.In order toarouse the international students' consensus and strengthen their understanding, the whole process of explanation adopts the mode of combination of pictures and texts, in the middle part join international students Tiktok short video work——Let’s say no to drugs, using more specific and easier way to introduce and publicizeto international students.

The purpose of this time is to further strengthen the anti-drug propaganda on campus, in order to enhance the ability of foreign students to identify drugs, effectively improve the awareness of foreign students to recognize drugs, defend drugs and resist drugs, so as to further promote the construction of safe campus and the rule of law school. After listening to the explanation, the international students in our school all expressed that life is only one chance, drugs do great harm, we should start from ourselves and resolutely resist drugs.