The International College held a safety awareness preach for international students


In order to strengthen the safety awareness of international students in our school, keep order in school and make international students adapt to Huzhou University faster. At 14 o'clock on October 20, Policemen from Huzhou entry exit administration bureau and Longquan police station are invited to give adaptive education lectures for all international students in room 219 of 32 teaching buildings.

First of all, YeYujia, an officer of Exit-Entry Administration, preached the duties of entry and exit and the related business, including visa, residence permit, passport update, etc.He introduced the conditions and requirements of study visa and internship visa application, especially emphasizing the serious consequences of illegal internship without internship visain details.

Secondly, Longquan police Station officerYangMeiyi explained relevant laws and regulations to the international students. For example, with regard to the dangers of drugs, police Officer Yang added relevant legal knowledge. Stressing the strictly important attitude to the drug from legal angel, it expects international students to pay more attention to the drug and refuses drug to treasure lives. At the same time, Police Yang puts forward plenty of legal matters needing attention, including it can’t fight, destroy universities’ public facilities, rush into others’ family, steal something and so on. Let international students understand the danger of violating against legal matters and undertake relevant responsibilities. As for traffic safety, Police Yang mainly stress three aspects. Firstly, e-bikes can’t take people. Secondly, wear a helmet when riding a e-bike. Thirdly, Huzhou City have basic requirements for e-bikes using international standard yellow licenses. The following anti-fraud presentation, it reminds international students to alert Internet fraud and beware of the unnecessary financial loss. Don't give fraudsters an opportunity.

After the two officers finished their explanation, the students expressed their own opinions and questions, and the two police officers answered all the students' questions carefully. Through this lecture, the safety awareness of foreign students has been improved and the relevant laws and regulations have been comprehensively understood by foreign students, so that they know how to cherish life and abide the law. To achieve the purpose of this lecture, international students learn legal knowledge while maintaining campus security.