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"Nanxun Tour" for outstanding foreign international students of our school was successfully carried out

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2021/10/21 9:54:18 人气:18

On October 15th, our school organized more than 20 outstanding foreign international students to Nanxun District of Huzhou City to carry out "2021'Nanxun Tour’ for Outstanding Foreign International Students of Huzhou University ". Relevant teacher representatives of the Social Cooperation Office, International College and Nanxun Technology Transfer Center of our school participated in the activity

The international students visited Senhe Stock Co., LTD., Huzhou Taiping Micro Special Motor Co., LTD., Zhejiang Giant Group Co., LTD., Zhejiang Hongda Nanxun School affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, Nanxun Jinxiu Experimental School and other units successively.

During the day of visiting and communicating, the director of the Science and Technology Bureauin Nanxun District gave an introduction of Nanxun District and this activity and directors of relevant enterprises and institutions gave several detailed introductions of the company culture, overseas expansion at present. International studentsknew more about the innovative process, various kinds of science innovative achievements and application and schools’ teaching situation through the introduction of companies and schools.

This activity,by building a zero-distance communication platform between outstanding international students of our school and Nanxun enterprises and schools, not only strengthened international students' understanding of modern technology and management level of Nanxun enterprises but also enhancedtheir professional recognition.At the same time,it further deepened the cooperation between our school and the administration,industry,education and research in Nanxun District.