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International Students' Exploration of Silkworm and Silk Culture (III)

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2021/07/08 8:28:36 人气:63

Recently, Silk Road Can Hua Association has organized international students from Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Guinea and other countries to visit our spring silkworm workshop to experience silkworm breeding and silkworm feeding in order to have a better understand of process of silk production, deeply experience the charm of Huzhou Silk civilization, and feel the extensive and profound Chinese silk culture.

Our school’s Silkworm and Silk Culture Base is a base for inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture in national colleges and universities in 2020 identified by the Ministry of Education. The Spring Silkworm Workshop is an experiencing platform to root silkworm and silk culture in the school, serve the teaching practice, and promote the inheritance and dissemination of silkworm and silk culture in the school. Arriving at the Spring Silkworm Workshop, the international students first closely observed the physical signs and movement of silkworms, and recorded their feeding process.Later, the international students tried the process of raising silkworms and feeding silkworms themselves. The fresh experience aroused the international students' keen interest in the silk production process. Finally, through the introduction of the staff, the international students learned the complex silk manufacturing techniques, such as silk reeling, weaving and dyeing , and had a more vivid understanding of the silk production process.

Huzhou is known as the "Silk House". Silkworm and silk culture is the collective memory of Huzhou people and even the whole people in the south of the Yangtze River, and it is the cultural symbol of Huzhou. Through this activity, the international students fully realized that studying in Huzhou is not only about learning professional knowledge, but also about the Huzhou special culture and make an effort to become an important window to show the charm of Huzhou silk culture to the world.