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International Students' Exploration of Silkworm and Silk Culture (II)

作者: 来源:国际学院英文 日期:2021/07/08 8:25:49 人气:64

As the first International students association, Silk Road Can Hua Association is aimed to let members of the association discover and experience the beauty of Silk in the process of exploring silk culture, relying on the geographical advantages of the World Silk Source of Huzhouso that we can tell the world the Chinese story of the silk culture of Huzhou. As this year Coincides with the 23rd Can Hua Temple Fair in Deqing City, our college organizes international students to participate in the “Meet the Grand Canal—Meet you” theme series of activities, to experience personally the charm of Intangible cultural heritage.

On April 6th , International students from Morocco and Kazakhstan made their way to one of China’s famous silkworm mulberry production place which has a history of more than 1700 years——Xinshi Town, Deqing County. They experience the “silkworm flower girl” cruise, worship silkworm god, “rolling silk flower” and other series of folk activities. Sofia, from Kazakhstan, marvels at the lively scene and the charming folk activities. She said Huzhou is “the Silk House, the Land of Fish and Rice”, and Can Hua Temple Fair let herself appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

On 9 May, international students from Bangladesh, Guinea, Benin, Chad and other countries visited the ancient town of Xinshi to learn about the local fishing and mulberry culture. The international student team has visited the patriotic textile science and technology expert Tong Runfu Memorial Museum, the world's important agricultural cultural heritage "Huzhou Sangji fishpond system" core protection area Nanyu Yunhao family farm. They learned Mr. Tong Runfu’s spirit of being the first , hard-working and innovation, in-depth experience of Huzhou silk historical civilization and modern science and technology integration and development. Subsequently, the students walked together onto the Taiping Bridge which means auspicious peace, Feel the good allusion of the ancient bridge to bless the newly married men and women family harmony, peace and happiness.

This activity lets the international students have a more direct experience of Huzhou fish mulberry culture. They have been deeply moved by the spirit of Chinese starting an enterprise hard arduously and inspired by the wisdom of innovation and prosperity.