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The first activity of Silk Road silkworm Flower Society

作者:gjxy  来源:  日期:2020/12/11 9:20:26 人气:101

Wheredid the international students of the association go in this activity?

Next,let’s go to the scene and have a look together.

Thefirst stop was Lucun, the origin of silk in the world.

Theyvisited Qianshanyang historic site and had a simple understanding of the traditionalsilk culture, which fully motivated their desire and curiosity to exploremore about silk so that everyone couldn’t wait to move on to the next stop.

The second stop was the Historical and cultural Center of Zhejiang Huzhou Mulberry FishPond System

Everyonewas looking around, what were they doing? Oh, they were getting together tolearn something about silkworm culture.

Fromthe whole life of silkworm, spins and breaks through to harvest technology ofsericulture farmers and then to the various fabrics after silk production.

Everyonegot together, asking the workers of the exhibition hall curiously all kinds of interesting knowledge and discussing their own opinions cheerfully. They eventouched the cocoon and fiddled with the silk waving machine.

Thethird stop was Dagang Ancient Town

Therewere not so many commercial shops in this ancient town, but there all showedthe simple living status of the residents. Digang ancient town, which was notbeen decorated, brought a kind of tranquility and harmony as the land ofidyllic beauty. As soon as the association members got off the bus, theyblended into the life of local residents.

Enthusiasticand patient, they requested granny by the roadside what the crop were beingsunned. And they also romped with kids on bikes happily. Back and forth,emotions warmed silently. The barrier of culture and language was disappearingquietly.

Inthe end, everyone showered in the sunset, recorded this happy moment by thecamera. By this time, this activity of Silk Road Can Hua Association came tothe end.

Inthis activity, the member of Silk Road Can Hua Association received not onlyknowledge but also happiness. While improving oral English, it also enhancedfriendship. The only constant is everyone’s full enthusiasm and energy. Let’slook forward to the next event.