Inform all international students about the prevention of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection


All international students in school:

In view of the current situation of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in China, the school leaders attach great importance to it. In order to ensure the health and safety of international students in our school, the school will carry out closed management on the campus according to the instructions of the anti epidemic center of the Chinese government. The specific measures are as follows:

1. All international students will not be allowed to enter and leave the East Campus of the school at will from 0:00 on January 28 to 24:00 on January 31. Please stay in your dormitory room as far as possible to read and study, do not join each other, do not get together, and do not touch each other as much as possible.

2. The school will provide three meals and related daily necessities free of charge according to the students' living needs. Please go to the first floor guard one day in advance to register, so as to facilitate the school's purchase and transportation.

3. If students need to go out of the dormitory for activities in the east campus, they must register with the guard duty teacher when leaving the dormitory, and cancel the registration at the duty teacher when returning to the room. When students go out of their rooms and dormitories, they should wear masks, wash their hands after returning to the room, and put their clothes in a ventilated place to prevent cross infection.

4. International students living in Tongwen supermarket and international students living in building 32 should not visit or contact each other.

5. The school requires students to take their own body temperature twice every morning and afternoon, and report to the teacher on duty. If you feel uncomfortable, such as fever, throat discomfort, cough, etc., report to the teacher on duty immediately, and go to the hospital for examination by yourself, do not take public transport, if you want to consult, please call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at 12320.

6. Up to now, no patients with new coronavirus infection have been found in Huzhou City, and students should not panic. Please strictly abide by the regulations of the Chinese government and Huzhou University, arrange your own life, protect yourself and ensure your health.

We hereby inform you.

International College of Huzhou University

January 27, 2020