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“Bright Dairy-Epidemic Resistance Cup” Competition of Healthy Body and Mind

作者:gjxy  来源:  日期:2020/03/19 17:06:20 人气:124

“At first I was filled with fear and anxiety when looking at the rapidly increasing number of confirmed infections each day. Our teachers call us everyday, care about our health and comfort us in time. I really appreciate my school and China.” Raihan from Bangladesh said so.

“It’s really good for the school to hold recreational and sports activities on the premise of ensuring campus safety. We were about to get mouldy by staying at the dormitory everyday.” Demba from Guinea said.

In the face of the sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia, University and Colleges have arranged many special meetings to clarify their responsibilities. Under the leadership of the University's epidemic prevention and control leading group, the work plan for international students epidemic prevention and control of Huzhou University has been formulated in time. The International College is fully responsible for the overall arrangements, effectively undertaking the tasks of the first responsible person, adhering to the bottom line thinking, making detailed plans and measures, implementing them to people, establishing the working mechanism of joint prevention and control, group policy and group prevention, and ensures various prevention and control measures implementation.

Nowadays, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex. The prevention of the imported epidemic cases has become the primary task of the current epidemic containment.

Aiming to ensure the security of the teachers and students, the closed-off management has been performed on the east campus nearly more than two months since Jan19th. In order to reduce international students' psychological pressure and make them alarmed, on the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the campus environment, the International College held a two-day competition called " Bright Dairy-Epidemic Resistance Cup", which was aimed to strengthen the ideological leading and psychological counseling for the international students in school.

After carefully planing, a series of competitions were hold on March 14th , which included soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball, rugby, marathon and so on. The international students at school participated actively, and the pent-up depression in their hearts since the epidemic situation was released.

It is known that according to the practical situation of international students, with the support and cooperation of the secondary colleges and relevant departments, the school’s special team for the prevention and control of international student epidemics developed a series of effective works around information reporting, psychological guidance, and academic support:

One is to implement the "one-to-one" and "one to N" contact system for all students. The head teachers and counselors teachers contact the students daily by phone, Wechat,Skype,Whatsapp and other software to ensure the accuracy of information reporting. Second, reporting the official epidemic prevention and control data in the international students' Wechat group every day, and regularly share the content related to psychological counseling.

Through the opening of psychological counseling Wechat group, psychological intervention should be used to students; Third, carrying out online academic help. Besides participating in the online courses offered by the school, the International College also provides free online courses HSK 4 and 6 to international students by contacting the Office of Chinese Language Council International, which makes students keep learning.

Correspondent: Tan Nengzhi