Huashengda Foreign Language College English Festival


Huzhou is still full of autumn vitality in December. On such a sunny day, five international students and two Chinese students in our university went to Huashengda Foreign Language School to participate in the English Festival activity. Let’s go and have a look together.

As soon as we entered the school, we were attracted by its beautiful environment and magnificent architectural style. If you continue to walk in, you can see the stalls carefully arranged by the students, all kinds of exquisite small gifts and coveted food, such as roasted chicken wings, grilled sausages, fried rice cakes, egg tarts…Each kind of food was made by students themselves, which contained their love and sincerity. We were afraid that money in their pocket might not stay.

The students of Huashengda Foreign Language School communicated easily with international students of our university.Almost everyone presented the activity could communicate with each other quite well in English. We all gained a lot after a tour.

During the visit, students actively communicatedwith each other in English and everyone used their own way to promote products like giving small gifts as well as taking the initiative to solicit guests and even cosplay. If you go to the scene, you must be affected by students’ enthusiasm.

Anushervon, aninternational student in our school, encouraged a shy girl and toldher, "Don't be shy, you can do it." Just as he said, don't be shy of e­xpression and believe you can do it.I believe that it's also the original intention for holding this English Festival.

Two hours are fleeting, and we went back to school after taking pictures to commemorate it.We all felt very happy and privileged to participate in such an interesting and meaningful activity. We hope that both schools can develop better and better, and also hope everyone can feel the charm of English in English learning. Don’t be shy, just speak out and show yourself!