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The fourth Chinese bridge

作者:gjxy  来源:  日期:2019/12/21 17:31:38 人气:100

On November 27th, we held the fourth Chinese bridge activity in the international college. The main content of this activity was film analysis. We hope that international students can find the expressions of Chinese people in the film and feel the strength of Chinese people’s unity, so as to spread some Chinese humanistic feelings and historical culture.

The film details

This appreciation of the film is Wolf Warriors 2, the highest-grossing film in Chinese history. This film was chosen because it shows the great power of Chinese people. The movie Wolf Warriors 2 mainly talks about the encounter of a soldier called Leng Feng in Africa, who takes off military uniform but he is still full of warm blood.

Leng Feng used to be a soldier of Zhan Lang army, but he was fired because of his own impulse. Years later, African countries rebel and break the peace of Africa. Loud noise of bombs and extremely dangerous infectious diseases make people who live and work in Africa feel panic. As a person who has lost his identity of a soldier, it is possible for Leng Feng to flee from Africa immediately to motherland and get away from the war. But he doesn’t run away, because he is a Chinese and he still has the wolf spirit in him, as well as the blood of the Chinese! So he brings back Zhuo Yifan and other people oppressed by the rebels on his own. He fights with his friends in the tank and fights the leader of the enemy with bare hands. Even when he is infected by the virus and people think he has no chance to live, he still chooses to sacrifice himself for others.

On the war-ridden battlefield,he was alone originally. Because of his tolerance and ardour, he gained friends and comrades and received the support of Chinese people and African refugees. With everyone's support, Leng Feng took up the gun and proved to the enemy and people all over the world that “Anyone who dares to offend China will be eventually punished, no matter how far they are.” As the passport of the People’s Republic of China reads“ When you are in danger overseas, please don't give up and remember that a strong motherland is always behind you.”

Viewing the details

The international students were very serious when appreciating this film, and sometimes they sighed and had some deep conversations. It's certain that in their view, this is exciting and moving.

After watching the movie, I believe that international students must have a deeper understanding of China. Chinese people are united and fraternal, and don’t be afraid of any armed struggle.

After the last moment of the movie was broadcast, it meant the activity was over. Thanks for your active participation. And what’s coming to greet us is the formal Chinese bridge competition. During the competition we have a speech contest. We’re looking forward to your participation!