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旅游管理Tourism Managemen(酒店管理方向)2017

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旅游管理Tourism Managemen(酒店管理方向)

一、培养目标Training Objectives


Tourism is an important component of modern service industry, and it is also one of the fastest growing industries of China in the past 10 years. In response to the prospects of the development of tourism industry, this major aims to cultivate high-quality applied talents who can adapt to economic and social needs, possess professional knowledge and ability related to such subjects as management, economy, law and the like, be familiar with the operation and management of the tourism industry, have international vision, entrepreneurship, creative spirit and the ability to be engaged in such work as tourism management and service, tour guiding in Chinese and foreign languages, tourism development and planning, tourism education and the like in tourism administrative departments, tourist agencies, hotels, scenic spots, leisure exhibition institutions, cruise ships, secondary vocational schools and so on.

二、基本规格Basic Specifications


Students are required to systematically master the basic theories and basic knowledge of tourism management, get basic training of tourism operation and management and have the basic ability to analyze and solve the problems of tourism management and development. Details are as follows:


To master modern management theory and basic theoretical knowledge of Tourism Management;To be familiar with the tourism business;


To master the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods related to tourism management;


To correctly grasp the scientific system of tourism management and have the basic ability to analyze and solve problems by using the knowledge of tourism management;


To understand the theoretical frontier and development trends of related subjects in the major of Tourism Management and have the basic ability and quality to be engaged in Business Administration, Marketing and other correlative majors;


To master the basic methods of document search and data inquiry and have certain ability of scientific research and practical work;


To develop strong ability in research and decision making, organization and management, oral and written e­xpression and have basic ability in independent knowledge acquisition, information processing and entrepreneurial innovation;


To be more proficient in one or more work related to actual business operation in tourism enterprises;


To master a foreign language (Chinese)skillfully and develop the basic ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, and can carry out work with the use of modern computer and network technology.

三、学制与学位 Length of Schooling and Degree

1. 学制与修业年限Length of schooling & Study duration


The standard length of schooling is four years. Study duration can be 3-6 years.

2. 最低毕业学分和授予的学位

Minimum Credits for Graduation and the Degree Awarded


The minimum credits required for graduation is 130 credits; Bachelor's Degree in Management will be awarded.

四、主干学科和主要课程Main Subjects and Main Courses


Main Subjects: The number of subjects covered by this major will be no more than 3.


Students who take degree courses must meet the minimum requirement for credit point specified in the Regulations on Bachelor's Degrees of Huzhou University, thus he/she can obtain a Bachelor's Degree.