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一.培养目标 Training Objectives


This major aims to cultivate applied talents of Japanese who are equipped with solid language skills and strong ability of language application, have high humanistic quality, comprehensive quality, strong adaptability, international perspective and cross-cultural communication ability, preliminarily master knowledge and professional skills of secretarial services, economy and trade, translation, management ect., possess ability in independent learning and innovation, can fit the needs for the social and economic development of local areas and can meet the demand to Japanese talents engaged in trade, secretarial, translation and management in relevant departments.

二.基本规格 Basic Specifications


Students are required to be equipped with solid language skills, master basic knowledge of Japanese language, Japanese literature, translation, intercultural communication and so on, have a strong ability in learning and possess solid basic language skills and skillful abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation.

三.学制与学位 Length of Schooling and Degree

1. 学制与修业年限Length of schooling & Study duration


The standard length of schooling is four years. Study duration can be 3-6 years.

2. 最低毕业学分和授予的学位

Minimum Credits for Graduation and the Degree Awarded


The minimum credits required for graduation is 160 credits; Bachelor's Degree in Arts will be awarded.

四. 主干学科和主要课程 Main Subjects and Main Courses


Main subject: Japanese Language and Literature


Core courses: Basic Japanese and Japanese, Primary Audio-visual Course of Japanese, Japanese Extensive Reading, Introduction to Japanese Literature, Japanese Translation Theory and Practice, Advanced Japanese and Japanese Writing

学位课程: 第二外语(英语)(2)、基础日语(3)、高级日语(1)、日本文学概论(2)、日语翻译理论与实践(1

Degree courses: Second Foreign Languages (English) (2), Basic Japanese (3), Advanced Japanese (1), Introduction to Japanese Literature (2), Japanese Translation Theory and Practice (1)


The examination score for degree courses shall be no less than 70 points.