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商务英语Business English

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一.培养目标 Training Objectives


In order to fit the needs of local social and economic development, practice the spirit of the motto of Huzhou University明体达用” (to understand the system to achieve practically), keep the “natural color of English”, highlight the “business characteristics”, this major aims to cultivate compound and applied talents of English who are equipped with solid basic language skills, strong abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation and humanistic quality, broad international vision, specialized knowledge and skills in international business, master the basic theory and knowledge of related subjects including Foreign Language and Literature, Applied Economics, Business Management, Law (International Law) etc., possess abilities in application of business English, intercultural communication, business practice, thinking and innovation in international business.

二.基本规格 Basic Specifications


Students are required to be equipped with solid basic language skills and strong abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, master basic knowledge and theory of subjects related to Business English, understand the theory frontier and development trends in this field, understand relevant policies, laws and regulations related to business, economy, trade, management and finance at home and abroad, master the basic theories and skills required for international business, be familiar with culture of English-speaking countries and international business culture and have strong skills in intercultural business communication. They are also required to learn to apply knowledge what you have learned, develop preliminary ability to analyze and solve problems, be proficient in a second foreign language, be able to work with computers and modern network technology and be capable of scientific research and practical work.

三.学制与学位 Length of Schooling and Degree

1. 学制与修业年限Length of schooling & Study duration


The standard length of schooling is four years. Study duration can be 3-6 years.

2. 最低毕业学分和授予的学位

Minimum Credits for Graduation and the Degree Awarded


The minimum credits required for graduation is 160 credits; Bachelor's Degree in Management will be awarded.

四. 主干学科和主要课程 Main Subjects and Main Courses


Main subject: English Language and Literature


Core courses: Basic English, English Listening, English Reading, oral English, English Writing, Advanced English, Business English Reading, Business English Writing, International Trade Practice, Business English Translation, Advanced Business English, oral Business English, Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Economics, International Commercial Law, Management, International Marketing