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汉语言文学(师范)Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher-training)

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一.培养目标 Training Objectives


This major aims to cultivate applied talents of teacher education, who can fit the needs of the times and the needs of society, will have an all-round development in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic aspects, will be solidly equipped with basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Chinese language and literature and can serve the local and regional economic construction and social development with innovation spirit and practical ability.

二.基本规格 Basic Specifications


Students are required to be equipped with humanistic spirit, scientific spirit and high cultural quality, establish modern education idea, master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Chinese language and literature, understand the theatrical frontiers and development trends of this major, possess the ability and quality in the adaptation to correlative professional work; they are also required to possess the ability to carry out work with the use of modern computer and network technology, passing the Computer Rank Examination (Level 1) of ZheJiang Province; and they are required to have strong ability in teaching, writing and scientific research and good development potential. On the cultivation of ability as the core, students will be trained to be high-quality talents who will be equipped with solid professional knowledge and basic ideas of this major, unique cultural quality and cultural deposits as arts students as well as core knowledge of interdisciplinary fields, strong ability in applying and practicing subject knowledge, the sense of social responsibility and mission and can fit the needs of social development.

三.学制与学位 Length of Schooling and Degree

1. 学制与修业年限Length of schooling & Study duration


The standard length of schooling is four years. Study duration can be 3-6 years.

2. 最低毕业学分和授予的学位

Minimum Credits for Graduation and the Degree Awarded


The minimum credits required for graduation is 160 credits; Bachelor's Degree in Arts will be awarded.

四. 主干学科和主要课程 Main Subjects and Main Courses


Main subject: Chinese Linguistics


Core courses: Introduction to Literature, Ancient Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Modern Chinese, Introduction to Linguistics