Recruitment Procedures for International College Language Preparatory Courses for Foreign Students Scholarship


For the purpose of supporting the comprehensive development of Foreign students and encouraging their studying enthusiasm, International College of Huzhou University launches a “Language Preparatory Courses for Foreign Students” program to sponsor qualified foreign students. The program accords with relevant higher documents as well as actual situations, the specific requirements and procedures of which are as follows:

1.Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be of foreign nationality and  have enrolled in Huzhou University for one year or above, at their own expense.

2.Qualifications for Application

(1) Applicants should behave well both on and out of campus, and have no records of violating laws and regulations of China and Huzhou University.

(2) Applicants should be hard-working with significant academic progress. Should be with high attendance and no absenteeism record.

(3)Applicants should have outstanding academic performance and no failure records in any course. Or else, Applicants should have outstanding performance in other areas (e.g. successfully passing HSK Level 4 test or above; winning honor for the university, etc.).

(4) Applicants should have a high level of integrity and honesty, with no bad records of dishonesty.

3. Application Procedures

Application Duration: Middle of second semester each year (mid-April each year)

Details: Foreign students should make the application to the International Student Office in International College. The Office will select the final scholarship winners of the semester from all the applicants by co-working with school leaders, head-teachers and other teachers. Daily performance of the applicants will also be taken into consideration.

4.Scholarship places and Amount

The number of the winners shall not exceed 10% of the total students number enrolled in Language Preparatory Courses in the corresponding academic year. The amount of the scholarship is RMB 2000 yuan per person, and instead of cash payment will be directly deducted from the amount of tuition fee.

Appendix: Application Form for International College Language Preparatory Courses for Foreign Students Scholarship Program.

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