China Panorama Course


1. Course Description

Chinese Panorama is a compulsory course for foreign students designed as a comprehensive introduction to Chinese culture. By surveying the long history of China’s cultural evolvement and rich heritage, the course aims to provide a basic context of Chinese culture for foreign students. It is a crucial course for humanity, patriotism and personality education, laying the foundation for international cultural exchange.

2. Duration

72 hours in total for 2 semesters. 2 hours per week

3. Course Goals

   1. Elementary level: to understand Chinese geography and society, brief history, contemporary Chinese life, contemporary Chinese political system, China and International community, etc.

   2. Intermediate level: to understand Chinese characters, ancient education and examination system, book collections and classics, fine arts, exquisite artifacts, habits and customs, etc.

   3. Advanced level: to understand inherent law of Chinese culture evolution which is about mainly how three elements of culture (historical geographic environment, economic foundation and political structures) have influenced the nature and direction of development of Chinese culture; to understand Chinese ancient religion, ancient philosophy, traditional ethics, etc.

4. Textbook

1. Elementary level: Guo Peng, China Panorama2011High Education Press.

2. Intermediate levelCheng Yuzhen, Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture2011Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

3. Advanced LevelZhang Dainian, Chinese Culture Panorama2004Beijing Normal University Press.

5. Instructor

  Zhang Xiaoguang,  Zhao Cong, et al.

6. Examination and Performance Calculation

The overall course grade will be 60% open-book or closed-book written examination and 40% ordinary achievement.


Terms and Conditions:

Subject to actual situation of each semester, International Collage of Huzhou University reserves the right of final interpretation.