Chinese Calligraphy Course


1. Course Description

   Chinese Calligraphy Course aims to enhance students’ capability and taste for Calligraphy writing and appreciation. Students are expected to master basic skills of Chinese handwriting and brush writing, to have an overview of Chinese calligraphy development, as well as to arouse more interest in Chinese culture by developing a good taste for the beauty of Chinese characters.

2. Duration

72 hours in total for 2 semesters. 2 hours per week

3. Course Goals

   1.     Elementary level: to master the technique of brush writing and understand the basic Chinese handwriting order.

   2.     Intermediate level: to be able to imitate Chinese Calligraphy Copybook, to master the technique of brush writing and write general Chinese characters.

   3. Advanced level: to be able to write regular script and cursive script.

4. Textbook

   For oversea students on elementary, intermediate and advanced levels: University Chinese Calligraphy Copybook Course2010Tianjin Ancient Books Press.

5, Instructor

Yu Yunhai, et al.

6. Examination and Performance Calculation

Performance test by brush handwriting, centesimal system.

Terms and Conditions:

Subject to actual situation of each semester, International College of Huzhou University reserves the right of final interpretation.