Advanced Integrated Chinese Course


1. Course Description

Advanced Integrated Chinese is a basic and main course ofsecond language learning for foreign students.

2. Duration

4 hours per week

3. Course Goals

Intermediate Level:

   1. Consolidate students’ basic pronunciation skills of Chinese consonants, vowels and tones, and correct typical phonetic errors so as to fix some typical pronunciation problems of foreigner.

   2. Guarantee students’ accumulation and mastery of new vocabulary. Develop students’ ability to put acquired vocabulary into communicative daily use in a proper manner; to express thoughts and ideas into written texts.

   3. Improve students’ skill of self-e­xpression in passage and text, and enable them to use appropriate function words to meet the requirements of contextual coherence and inner logic.

   4. Develop students’ ability to appreciate a Chinese article in-depth, to grasp author’s intention and feelings on the basis of mastering basic functional language units; to appreciate the subtleties of a Chinese article.

4. Textbook

   Li Xiaoqi, Huang Li and Qian Xuqing, Boya Hanyu: IntermediateAcceleration Course (Second Edition)2012Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

5. Instructor

Shi Weiwei, Wang Gang, Zhao Cong, et al.

6. Examination and Performance Calculation

  The overall course grade will be 60% final written examination, 10% ordinary achievement, 10% attendance and 20% homework performance.

Terms and Conditions:

Subject to actual situation of each semester, International College of Huzhou University reserves the right of final interpretation.