Chinese Reading Course


1. Course Description

Chinese Reading is a compulsory course for foreign students. Courses are set according to four levels including elementary, lower intermediate, intermediate and advanced, and more levels could be provided according to students’ achievement. The course will be instructed in Chinese.

2. Duration

Elementary level4 hours per week

Intermediate level and above, 4-6 hours per week.

3. Course Goals

   1. Elementary level

Develop students’ ability to understand short text materials for greeting, gratitude and invitation on a social occasion; to read common signs in daily life; to grasp a general idea of common notes, notices and simple forms; to locate specific information in a familiar short material.

   2. Intermediate level

Develop students’ ability to understand common introductory and explanatory materials; to read ordinary letters, emails, notices from which key information could be seized; to understand descriptive or narrative short materials in a common scene, to grasp the central topic , vital details and the true intentions of the materials; to acquire specific information through reading factual long texts.

3. Advanced Level

  Guarantee students’ full mastery of letters and other practical textsof certain length on a working or learning occasion, including working documents with certain business scope; to read newspapers, magazines, contemporary fictions and academic or business materials and understand the central topic and vital details; to understand abstract, conceptional or technical materials, to grasp factual information and key points with which true intentions could be comprehended.

4. Textbook

   1. Elementary level:Peng Zhiping, Chinese Reading Course (Volume One& Two) 2009Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

   2. Intermediate levelXu Xiaoying, IntermediateChinese Reading Course (Volume One& Two)2010Peking University Press.

   3. Advanced LevelDai Rong, Zhongwen Guangjiao: Intermediate Chinese Reading Course (Volume One& Two)2006Peking University Press.

5. Instructor

Chen Xiaozhen, Huang Le, Qu Zhenglin, Wang Gang, et al.

6. Examination and Performance Calculation

   Mid-term examination and Final examination in each semester. The overall course grade will be 30% mid-term written examination, 40% final written examination and 30% ordinary achievement.

Terms and Conditions:

Subject to actual situation of each semester, and International College of Huzhou University reserves the right of final interpretation.