Spoken Chinese Course


1. Course Description

Spoken Chinese is a compulsory course for foreign students who aim at practicing their oral Chinese communication skills. The course is designed as small-sized classes with around15 persons, instructed in Chinese. Students will be assigned to classes according to oral examination scores and actual situation at the commencement of a semester.

2. Duration

Elementary Spoken Chinese4 hours per week

Intermediate and Advanced Spoken Chinese, 4-6 hours per week.

3. Course Goals

1. Elementary level

Develop students’ correct pronunciation and pinyin spelling. The ability to speak conversational Chinese related to daily-life situations, as well as the proficiency of self-e­xpression and incident-narration with acquired vocabulary and grammar; the error rate of sentence should be less than 30%.

2. Intermediate level

Develop the expressive ability in passage, average speaking rate, as well as expressive accuracy and clearance. The capacity to hold a discussion on a general topic, as well as general representation and business negotiation.

3. Advanced Level

Develop the communicative proficiency on more general topics, the expressive proficiency in text systematically and comprehensively.The pronunciation accuracy, average speaking rate, proper terminology, as well as the ability to manipulate complicated vocabulary and sentences into decent e­xpressions.

4. Textbook

   1. Elementary level Elementary Spoken Chinese ( Second Edition)July 2004Peking University Press. Supported by Elementary Spoken Chinese: Text/ Translation( Second Edition). July 2004Peking University Press.

   2. Intermediate levelIntermediate Spoken Chinese ( Second Edition)Jan 2004Peking University Press.

   3. Advanced LevelAdvanced Spoken Chinese ( Second Edition)May 2005Peking University Press.

5. Instructor

Qu Zhenglin, Huang Le, Liu Shilin, Wang Gang, Zhao Cong, et al.

6. Examination and Performance Calculation

   Mid-term examination and Final examination in each semester. The mid-term examination is mainly composed of oral assessment, while the final examination is composed of oral and written sections. The overall course grade will be 20% mid-term examination, 60% final written examination and 20% ordinary achievement.

Terms and Conditions:

Subject to actual situation of each semester, International College of Huzhou University reserves the right of final interpretation.